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Owner & Photographer

As a lifelong resident of the California Bay Area, Sarah Kellner has spent the last decade capturing all walks of life.

Sarah is an avid reader and writer, constantly researching and growing in any capacity as a human being to be the best version of herself.  No stranger to the stage, Sarah is also a talented vocalist and actress, who has been featured on platforms such as TedTalks.



An eccentric when it comes to natural light, Sarah incorporates supple natural lighting from “golden hour” during sunset, to simple soft light of a well-lit room. Capturing the essence of a wedding day is done by combining photojournalistic skills and natural posing.  Sarah’s objective is to let you be immersed in the wonder of the day, and capture natural reactions.

She has successfully found her place in the wedding world as being both a fly on the wall, observing the events around, and a gentle ring leader to guide everyone through the day.



With a background in interpersonal communications and film studies, Sarah is not only more than qualified for having an artistic eye, but she can most definitely keep you entertained. She can honestly say that she will laugh at her own jokes.  Even when she too, doesn’t get the punchline. With an infectious personality, Sarah has the ability to set you at ease and make photography the most stress-free part of your day.

Meet Sarah.

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